September 27:Korčula

The island of Korčula situated off the Peljesac Peninsula was the birth place of Marco Polo in 1254. Today it is a mixture of fishing and shipbuilding towns peppered with the tourism of all the coastal islands of Croatia. Many apartments line the sheer cliffs descending into the clear water below giving a feeling of tranquility and serenity. During the 17th century the poet Petar Kanovelic lived here. He is considered one of the greatest Croatian writers of that period having written love songs, occasional epic poems and dramas. He also translated major works from Italy of that time period.

Starting in the town of Prigradica on the north west end of the island the route takes the group up away from the coastline and into the interior among the olive trees and vineyards. Down to the coast on the south side and then slowly winds its way to the east to the town of Korcula. Like so many towns today the city is divided into the historic Old Town and the modern resort hotel/apartment areas. Steeped in charm and antiquity the Old Town boasts of 14th century cathedral (St. Mark's), narrow streets patterns that allow ventilation of air throughout the inner city. To see an aerial map on the Old Town one would see a pattern of streets that very much resemble that of a fish skeleton. The main street and the widest runs the full length of the city with the cross streets running perpendicular. Those on the east side are straight and run to the sea allowing the mild breezes to blow through the city pushing the sewer smells away. Those on the west side are curved and while they allowed the sea air to enter also, they did not allow the strong westerly winds to blow through at full force. Clever citizens of years gone by!

Today the city of Korcula is a favorite vacation destination for people from all over the world. Quiet, but close to the sea.

Our Ship

Pack Them Up, Herd Them Out!

Up Up We Go!


Ann On Top of The World!

Almost the Top

Allison and Faye

View From The Top

Antonio: "Petra, My GPS Says To Turn!"


The View From Our Picnic Lunch Spot

Betsy, Faye, Nancy and Beverly at Lunch

Carol Enjoy


Ann On The Way Down!!

Faye: "That Climb Rewarded Me with Ice Cream!"

Korcula's Old Town

Inside the City Walls

Marco Polo's Home

Marco Polo's Home

Great Land Gate (Veliki Revelin)