September 28: Hvar to Brač 

The day started with a return to the island of Hvar -- this time to the town of Pokrivenik on the eastern end. The route was once again up away from the sea and high in the interior. This time the treat at the end of a long climb and then decent is a long refreshing swim in the crystal clear water of the Adriatic in a small protected cove. Kayaks came out as well as just floating in the waves. With the sun shining brightly off the water, the experience is one of a pure luxury!

Once all were back on board it was off to the island of Brac. Famous for its limestone quarries it is also the home of one of only a few stone carver's schools in the world that teach using the ancient methods of chicle and hammer. The students are all of high school age and study for three years to learn the trade. Some then go on to further training in more modern methods at the university. The limes tome mined from this area can be found all over the world. A short tour of the school allowed the group to see the students in action.

View of Hvar From Afar

Another View

The Trusty Steed!!!

View From Above

Here We Go -- Up, Up, Up!

Small Village Church


Herding Everyone Back onto The Boar

View of the Cove From Shore

The Crystal Clear Sea

Lesley, Lauri, and Ann: Is It Time to Swim Yet??

Washing the Bikes

Loading the Bikes

The Lagoon


Approaching Brac

Stone Carver's School


One of Two Girls in the School