September 30: Split

Last day on a bike -- a mini tour of the Marjan Park, just outside the city limits of Split is on the agenda. The park is closed to vehicle traffic and is used by all ages as a exercising area. One sees runners, bikers, walkers -- all taking advantage of the lack of automobiles, but also the hilly terrain. Pedalling up another incline to the top allows the group to see the city of Split from above. The views are spectacular as they have been for the entire trip.

After lunch on the ship it is back to the starting port of this trip -- Trogir. From here the group will disperse in the morning for all points of the world. Some will return home, while other will continue on to explore the rest of the country or venture out into the neighboring countries.

Our Home Away From Home

Our Tour

Karen Warming Up For The Ride

Ann: "Here I Come"

Petra and Faye Racing!

Lauri: "Are We There Yet??"

Allison: "Is That All There Is Today??"

Sue and Ann -- Twins For The Day

Petra and Laurie Searching For the Group!

The Top

The Group On Top Of The World

The "Swim Bay"

Our Mermaids

Ann and Carol Enjoying the Adriatic

Lauri Kayaking

Betsy Catching Up to the Boat!