October 5: Kotor, Montenegro

The old city of Kotor is butted up to a sheer cliff and cradled by the sea offering it a prime protected site for many centuries. Surrounded by its walls that climb high into the hills behind the city it has survived centuries of possible destruction due to war. It did receive damage by the earthquake of 1667 as well as the more recent one of 1979. Small bridges built between buildings were installed to provide support to the walls of each creating a tunnel feeling as one walks up the alley ways.

The ancient walls that surround the city are still intact enough to provide a pathway to a vista high on the mountain behind the city. With only 1355 steps to traverse, one can climb to the small fortress of Saint John above to take in the magnificent vistas from above. Cobblestone, loose rock, concrete steps -- all combine to give the experience a challenge, but one that is well worth the effort.

The original city contains many of the villas, shops and churches of the medieval period. Now hotels the villas stand elegantly at attention overseeing the city squares. The cathedral as well as the Basilica date back to 9th century. Both the Greek Orthodox and the Roman Catholic take pride in their respective houses of worship. Kotor is a quaint walled city sitting on the shores of a beautiful bay quietly encompassing its environment as it has for centuries.

The Beginning of the Walk Up the Wall

Ann Trudging Up the Pathway

View of City Bay

Another View Higher Up the Side of the Mountain

Ann: "Come On! Just Put One Foot In Front of The Other!!"

Higher View

And Higher

The Mountain Behind the City

Ann: "Have We Made It???"

The View From The Top of the Fortress

The View From The Top -- Well Worth the Walk!!


Montenegro Flag

View of Ancient City Below

View of Pathway

Getting Closer to Town Again

Ann On Her Way Down

Arriving into the City

Example of House Supports

The View Behind the City


The Wall By Night