July 2: Ballyconneely and Roundstone

Another day of rain, but that doesn't stop this group. A circle tour is in order with a stop in Ballyconneely to warm up and check the map. Ballyconneely has three historic associations: In 1854, the first salmon farming operation in the United Kingdom was carried out on the Dohulla Fishery. In 1919, the first transatlantic flight by Alcock and Brown ended two miles away in Derrygimla Bog, an unsuitable landing place which damaged the aircraft. The crash landing was near the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Station built in 1905, which was used to send the first transatlantic wireless message, to Cape Bretonin Nova Scotia, in 1907. Also the area is known for the Connemara ponies. These horses according to legends are a breed originated when Arabian horses came ashore from a shipwreck near Slyne Hea and bred with the small native pony.

Warm and with rain gear on, it is off to Roundstone, the home of some very talented musical instrument makers. While the makers were not in today, their wares were on display and truly pieces of art. It required another "tea time" to really enjoy the sights as well as warm the bones!!

Throughout the day the views of the sea and landscape draped in mist and fog were breathtaking.

Sheila and Lauri Trying to Read Map In The Rain

Connemara Ponies

Tricia, Sheila, and Lauri Warming Up With Tea!