July 4: Maam Valley and Lough Nafooey, pass Lough Mask, over the Partry Mountains and into Westport

Today' sunrise brings the view of the harbour bathed in sunlight and green tapestry flowing into the water. The harbour is small and at the base of the fjord with sea weed grasses shining at low tide. The hotel offers sea weed baths with the ingredients taken from the water across the street. A delight was had by those who indulged in the cleansing.

The ride to Westport is a hilly one taking the group over the Partry Mountain range. A couple of routes are suggested based on degree of incline of the roads. Once decisions are made and guides assigned to follow the group divides and tackles the pedaling for the day. While uphill seemed to be the angle most encountered, it didn't stop the beauty of the area from being enjoyed. The day became a pedal, stop and take a picture, pedal, stop and take in the vista, pedal and smile kind of day!!! Laugh Nafooey and Lough Mask appear suddenly as one comes around a bend in the road. The vastness of Lough Mask stuck in among the mountains makes the picture almost unreal to the eye. Once again the stone walls lead the way down to the sea.

Then it was downhill into Westport, a town built up the side of a hill and flowing down to the sea! Fortunately the hotel was downhill from the entrance to the town!!

View From Hotel Window In The Morning

Bikes Lined Up And Ready To Go

Off Into The Clouds!


Sara: "Is This The Way?"

Just Head Down To Lough Mask!


Sheila and Lauri

Ancient Church Outside Westport