July 5: Drummin Valley and the Doo Lough (Dark Lake)

Three options are offered today. Climb Croagh Patrick, one of Europe's best know places of Pilgrimage. Some pilgrims have climbed barefoot in the memory of St. Patrick, who spent forty days and forty nights fasting on the summit more than 1,500 years ago. It is said that it was from here that he rid Ireland of all snakes. (Ireland didn't have any to get rid of, but it makes for a good legend!) Magnificent views of Clew Bay, with an island for every day of the year, provides inspiration for many walkers and visitors throughout the year. Several pick this challenge!

Another is to ride around the Sheeffry Hills and do a circle loop through the mountains. A couple pick this. And finally the majority pick the ride to Louisburgh along the coast road for a lunch stop. passing the Murrisk friary as well as the National Memorial to the Famine of 1845 t0 1852. Once again no matter what options is picked the vistas are breathtaking.

Croagh Patrick

Laura at Croagh Patrick


Croagh Patrick a Little Closer


Leeann at the National Famine Memorial




Laurie and Sue at the

Murrisk Friary


Laura By The Sea!

Lauri On The Road To Westport

Lauri: "Check Out This View!"

The View!