June 29: Exploring Galway Bay

Once again the day started with the mist rolling in off the bay. The wind swirled the low flying clouds over the rolling terrain of tall grasses and rocks like a blanket being spread over a bed. The air temperature was moderate so while damp it was not a deterrent to exploring the beach front. Foot paths through the tall grass lead in both directions up and down the coast. While most of the coastline is rocky, or at least stony, there are occasional spots of sand. After breakfast it was the agenda for the morning -- a nice gentle stroll up the coast. Rain gear is the norm and into the wind going out seemed like a great idea. At several junctures, it is necessary to scale a rock wall that cords off the beach area. Assured by the hotel staff that it is perfectly acceptable to do so, this foot soldier marched off with great vigor!

Slowly as the morning progressed the sun tried successfully to burn off the fog and started to cast its beams out over the water. The scenery changed from a mysterious and eerie surroundings to a sunny and bright day. The air temperature rose accordingly and the wind -- well, the wind just kept blowing along. A couple hours later a full circle of walking was completed and enjoyed.

This afternoon the group meets for the first time for an orientation meeting, bike fitting and then dinner. Tomorrow starts the biking venture. The roads are narrow and the cars drive fast, but seem to yield to bicyclists, so all should be well. The route for the first day is of course, into the wind, so pedaling may be a good exercise!

Morning Walk on the Beach

Continuing Up The Beach

Furbo Beach