September 10: Naples

The day starts slow as there is no real plan for the day. The tour is over now so there are just a couple of us to fend for ourselves in this big city. First thing on the agenda is to get breakfast and then it is time to explore. The immediate area around the hotel seems to be part of the university. Musical instrument stores are in abundance which leads to the discovery that the Music Conservatory is just around the corner. A stroll down a small side street avails one to hear the beautiful piano concertos being rehearsed in the rooms above the street..

A further stroll finds us among the crowds seeking out a cafe for refuge. Alas, there sits one just in the right spot -- a late breakfast snack.

The remainder of the day is spent either eating, strolling, drinking, or just taking in all the people and their environment. Nightfall brings out others to watch, so people watching is the sport of the day.

Tomorrow it is off to the States for one, Capri and the surrounding islands for a couple and Paris for this writer. The vacation is rapidly coming to an end. A great time has been had by all.