September 11: Naples to Paris

The sound of the suitcases hobbling across the cobblestones could be heard early on as the first of the "departing" left at sunrise. This writer had the fortunate flight schedule to avail a late morning breakfast and then a leisurely trip to the airport.

From that point on travel details were the same as no matter where one is flying to: stand in line, wait, check in, stand in line, security, stand in line, go to gate, wait -- fly!!

The flight from Naples to Paris is two hours -- Air France makes sure that one comfortable and content. Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is modern, but challenging to the foreign visitor. Fortunately for those of us arriving from Italy, we are still in the EU therefore do not need to go through customs.

Once luggage is found it is an hour taxi ride to the hotel. Entrance into Paris is phenomenal no matter what direction one comes from. The sight of the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomple, all conger up the history of France from the Renaissance to modern day.

Tonight it is a "explore the neighborhood" and set plans for tomorrow!