September 12: Paris

Paris is a city that one needs to spend a lifetime in -- unfortunately this time the trip is limited to one full day! To make the best of all situations Notre Dame was first on the list with all of its splendor. The visit to Notre Dame caused a reaction that was totally unexpected.

Upon entering the sanctuary of the cathedral it became immediately obvious that Sunday Mass had begun. Having been in a traveling mode for over two weeks, days are forgotten and today's Sunday was not on the agenda. However, the sight and sound of the Mass stopped all thoughts of just sightseeing. The sounds of the pipe organ and the angelic voices of the chorus brought this writer to an immediate stop. While not Catholic or even a believer of organized religion -- the sounds that reverberated off the walls of the cathedral were songs of the Heavens. That was followed by the ringing of the tower bells as ascending the steps. The pounding in the ears of such beautiful music as each step was taken to bring one closer to the top of the structure caused an intoxicating sensation that only total immersion into a belief or feeling will allow. Maybe it was Fate, maybe it was the perfect timing, maybe it was just Right -- time and faith will tell -- but to have the song and bell concerto was just too perfect to let it lay in the belief that it was chance!!

From there it was off to the Arc de Triomple by way of the Champs - Elysees!! What a walk that is. Not only does one walk through history,but also experiences the world of today's modern fashion. The Champs-Elysees is the main promenade of Paris. All that want to be seen are there as well as all that want to just see. Today the wind was blowing the chestnut trees gently as each stroller passed by. Tourists from all over the world walk this park as did Napoleon, Louis IV, Louis V and many more after to enjoy the sun, park and company of their love ones.

Tonight has found this writer sitting quietly by the Seine enjoying a glass of French wine and a bit of Brie. Tomorrow it is back to the US.