September 3: Maratea to Palinuro 55.2km

The day started not the way we all wanted it to -- for the first time in two months southern Italy was having rain. New bikes, new route, hilly area, Italian drivers -- all those things that create a bit of stress in the average bicyclist. Now we are sixteen strong and trying to make the best of the situation. Fortunately for us the route will begin with a downhill route that gives each rider a chance to test the gears and brakes before beginning the "normal" Italian bike ride of up/down/up/down/curve right/curve left -- oh, traffic/no traffic -- a dog -- a pedestrian -- just let the bike go and hang on!!

The rain continued on and off all day, but the vistas never changed from being beautiful. Sometimes they were mist covered, sometimes with a glow of the sun beams trying to penetrate the clouds -- but each moment was breathtaking. It was hard to take it all in -- each curve presented another view of Nature at work. The traffic also decreased to barely nothing for most of the day. An occasional honk from a vehicle to let the bicyclist know that something was going to pass -- or a wave from a driver who was yelling "enjoy" as he drove by -- or a big smile on a pedestrian wishing the group a good ride. Italy respects the bicyclist!! Everyone seems happy to see the person pedaling by and gives them as much respect on the road as one would a semi!!

The day ended at a beautiful hotel perched high on a ridge overlooking the sea. The rain added a mystical aura to the air as one followed the coastline with one's eyes. Dinner is always no earlier than 8pm in Italy which for hungry, tired bicycists, this presents a slight problem. In keeping with the current best seller of "Eat, Pray, Love",we have adopted the motto of "Eat, Drink. Pedal" in which the order is not necessarily important. After pedaling all day, the drink, eat order seems to work the best!

Are We Ready?

Nancy & Susan


Sharon with Shower Cap!

Our Route

From on High!