September 9: Positano to Naples

With no need to get up early and bike, the group slept in this morning and leisurely ate from that wonderful fully laden breakfast buffet. This time the calorie intake was not going to be burned off in a few hours, but it made no difference to the choices. What will one little chocolate pastry puff do to the body?

The rain from the day before continued throughout the night and into the first few hours of the day making the thought of walking around town unpleasant one. Most spent the time packing and just hanging out until it was time to load up the minibuses and head to Naples. Dario had left for his next tour very early in the morning, but Sylvia stayed long enough to have breakfast with the group and bide her last goodbyes.

The ride to Naples was along the same twisting and turning roadway that we had ridden the day before. This time the swaying of the bus created a sense of wanting to hang on and hope that motion sickness didn't take over. Fortunately everyone made it healthily back to the big city.

A stop at the train station to let most of the group off to catch their trains to Rome and points north, then on to the Hotel Piazza Bellini, in the middle of the historical section of town. Woman Tours has another group of women arriving tonight to repeat the tour we are just finishing. A couple of us have booked an extra night and have chosen to stay at the same hotel.

Dinner on the square and then to bed. Early day tomorrow.