July 22-23: Flight to Venice, Venice Sightseeing

A two hour flight to Atlanta and then on to Venice was the plan of the day. Weather perfect flying time placed us in Venice fifteen minutes ahead of schedule after a nine hour flight. The welcome mat was HOT! Venice, like most of southern Europe is experiencing an extreme weather pattern this summer. Temperatures hovering around 100 degrees is the norm and today was no different. Arriving at 9:00 am allowed each passenger to enter this sauna at 85 degrees before picking up luggage. However, as the sun rose in the sky do did the temperature and humidity. By noon the sweat was on a steady flow down the body and the water consumption was at a maximum. Shade is the prime spot to be in and unfortunately everyone is thinking the same, so it is at a premium.

The airport sits on the mainland just off the island of Venice, so the only way to get to the city is by water taxi. What a fabulous way to enjoy the breezes blowing in one's face as the motor boat cruises up the canals and weaves its way to the main square of San Marco. Gondolas, ferries, small fishing boats, speed boats, all glide across the waterways together. Traffic jams are non-existent, but a quick rethrust of the throttle when going around a curve to avoid a collision with an oncoming skiff are common. The paved streets and alley ways of Venice are pedestrian walkways. The canals serve as the "highways" and "avenues" honeycombing the city from one end to the other. There is no rhyme or reason to any of their directions, so getting lost while trying to get around is an everyday occurrence. It is always an adventure once stepping out the door of the hotel to wonder where one will end up!


Highway from Airport

Entering the City

Homes Along The Route

One of the Main Roads into Town

Front Entrance to an Apartment Building -- A Big First Step!

Once A Private Home

Entering into the Center of the City

Along the Grand Canal

A Front Entrance!

City Bus Service

Ponte di Rialto

Corner Street Light

After a Hard Day Sightseeing in 100 Degree Heat -- GELATO!!!!!