July 28: Po Delta, Adria

44.5 kms

After a wonderful breakfast on the barge, the group headed out on foot to investigate the old part of Chicogga. Known as a fishing port complete with a daily fish market, the town is a hub of activity around the commerce of its product. The fish market itself encompasses a full city block with stalls lined up one after another with the fresh catch of the day. At this time of year it is only the small fishing boats that are allowed to fish the waters of the Adriatic. Starting of July 26th of each year the large commercial boats must stay in port for two months to help reduce the "overfishing" of the area. Today these boats sit side by side with their crew busy painting and refurbishing the ships to ready them for the September harvest.

In the town center on finds the oldest clock tower in all of Europe. Dating back to the 11th century, it stills stands today with its clock showing the time for all to see.

After returning to the barge and retrieving the bikes, the group sets out across the Laguna del Lusenzo (the land of water) -- its maze of small and large canals that traverse the countryside creating fields of gardens full of corn,soybean, sun flowers, to name a few. Heading away from the sea and into the interior of the area, one sees the confluence of the Brenta, and Adige rivers that intersect with the Po to create the Po di Levante.

A short side trip is added to allow some time at the beach before making a more serious attempt to ride inland and away from the sea. The sun is at high now so a dip into the salty sea is a welcome relief to many.

Onward toward the Po takes the group through the Rosolina Mare, a nature preserve full of a variety of birds. Egrets sit quietly among the marsh grasses watching the line of bicycling curiously looking humans pedal by.

The barge is patiently waiting on the Canal Bianco for the group only to transport them up the canal to the Porto Viro at Andria between the mouths of the rivers Adige and the Po. It is here that the barge will dock for the night.

The Group

Woman Cutting Artichokes

Rest Stop on Bridge

Betsey: "Barb, Are Those Steps Going Up?" Barb: "Yep!!"

Betsey: "Oh Here I Go!"

Chioggia's Fish Market

Fresh Squid

Fresh Octopus

City Waterway

Chiogga's Port Square

Rooftop Cisterns

Chioggia's Main Square and Bell Tower

Medieval Unfinished Church -- Money Ran Out Before Facade Could Be Finished -- Left Standing All These Years

On The Way Back to the Barge

There's Our Bikes -- Ready to Roll

Beach Stop -- Bonnie & Betsey Enjoying Lunch Break Before Swimming

Joyce, Cyndi, & Alex

Joan, Joan & Rosita

Rosita: "Look I found Blackberries for All of You!"

Rosita & Betsey on Blackberry Hunt

Betsey & Sue