July 29: Ferrara ("Bike Capital of Italy"), Zelo

Today's start is a short "cruise" up the Po River to a clearing where the group can easily disembark and pedal out onto the Po Delta and along the Adige River waterway. The Delta is a protected area and one of the most biodiverse in Europe. The terrain is flat with vast farmlands and vineyards spreading out over the fertile soil. There are over 300 species of birds here, including ibis, grebes, herons, to name but just a few. With eyes peeled to the vistas and cruising speeds low, many sightings are found and enjoyed by all.

The city of Ferrara dates from the time of the Middle Ages and is still to this day surrounded by a 500 year old moat. In the center of town is its medieval castle complete with drawbridge and battlements.

"The Jewish community of Ferrara is the only one in Emilia Romagna with a continuous presence from the Middle Ages to the present day. It played an important role when Ferrara enjoyed its greatest splendor in the 15th and 16th century, with the duke Ercole I d'Este. The situation of the Jews deteriorated in 1598, when the Este dynasty moved to Modena and the city came under papal control. The Jewish settlement, located in three streets forming a triangle near the cathedral, became a ghetto in 1627. Apart from a few years under Napoleon and during the 1848 revolution, the ghetto lasted until Italian unification in 1859." (Wikipedia)

The day's ride ends on the Canale Bianco outside the town of Zelo.

Cruising Down the River!

Time To Ride!

Betsey & Alex: We're Ready!

Kimberly & Betsey

Betsey: "Time For A Coke Break!" Rosita: "Let Me Just Check Our Schedule"

Adige River Waterway

Betsey Leading the Pack

Our Guides At Work!


Jama: "Look Ma, No Hands!"


Jama: "Look, The Road Said To Stop, So I Did!" Rosita: "Okay Group, My GPS Says to Go Straight."

A Little Shade Break!

Barb & Joan

Bonnie, Betsey, Alex & Joan

Ancient Moat

Another View of Moat

Ride Through Park on Way into Ferrara


Original Medieval Shops (lower), Homes (upper) Still in Use Today!

Street of Umbrellas!

Ferrara's Streets