July 31: Mantua

With the barge docked in Mantua the plan for the day is a circle tour by bike of the area and then a guided walking tour of the center of the city. As per each day as soon as breakfast is completed the bikes are readied and mounted -- guide in front, guide in back -- and the group is off down the pathways around the city.

The countryside outside the city is dotted with small villages and open farmland. Viaducts serve as irrigation systems today as they did hundreds of years ago. The three man made lakes surrounding the city of Mantua serve as home to wildlife as well as huge lily pads blooming is season.

The biking portion of the trip winds down with a birthday dinner for Glenna marking her 83rd year! The crew and guests enjoy a festive evening culminating with the "blue moon" shining in the sky above. The group will leave in the morning going off in many different directions. Some will continue their travels in Italy, others will return home. Each carries a fond memory of the trip and the new "friends" made.

Outside Mantua

Small Village Square Near Mantua


Betsey Wearing Her New Italian Biking Shirt!

Kimberly Enjoying the Ride

Kodak Moment in Front of the Lily Pond

The Beautiful Lily Blossom

View of the Lily Pond and Lake

Betsey Saying Goodbye to Her Bike!

Sue Saying Goodbye to Her Bike

Oldest Church in Mantua

Inside the "New" Church

Another View Inside the "New" Church

Mantua Bell Tower

One of the Oldest Merchant Home

Cage Hung from Prison Wall that Housed Criminals

Newest Cathedral

The Crew (Vera, Felipe, Anna)

Vera, the Chef

Glenn on Her 83rd Birthday!

Birthday Dinner -- Prime Rib with Vegetables

Blue Moon over Mantua and the Barge!!