Bike and Barge: Venice to Mantua

Train and Foot: Verona to Florence

July 22 to August 5, 2015

Pedal up the Po River,  the longest river in Italy, from Venice to Mantua at a slow steady pace along a flat paved way; unpack only once as the "hotel" moves along side on the waterway to meet the group at day's end. This trip of barge and bike is one of Woman Tours first ventures into this style of travel. Twenty women will explore the countryside by day on bikes as they wind their way to Mantua in the interior of northern Italy. By night they get to dine and sleep on the water on their own private barge.

First, however there will be a couple days of exploration in Venice before venturing out into the countryside. The canals and back streets will provide a full scope of sights and sounds. At the conclusion of the barge portion in Mantua the trip will continue on to Verona and then to Florence by train to explore the world of Italian art from buildings to paintings to scupltures and beyond. Italy is a mystical land full of all sorts of hidden surprises, wonderful people and fantastic food choices!

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July 22-23: Flight to Venice, Venice Sightseeing

July 24: Venice

July 25-26: Venice -- Board Barge

July 27: Lido, Pellestrina, Chioggia ("Little Venice")

July 28: Po Delta, Adria

July 29: Ferrara ("Bike Capital of Italy"), Zelo

July 30: Bergantino,Ostiglia, Libiola, Governolo, Mantua

July 31: Mantua

August 1: Verona

August 2: Florence

August 3: Florence

August 4: Florence

August 5: Flight back to USA