August 29: Matera

Sunshine is the way of the day! With a full breakfast eaten deep in one of the caves adjoining the hotel's guest rooms, the task of the day is to explore Sassi. A marked pedestrian route twists and turns through the old city on its cobble stone streets. Too narrow at times for vehicle traffic, they display the antiquity of the town. With each turn brings a new vista or building dating back centuries. The Duomo (cathedral) sits high on the crest overlooking the city as if in command of the population. At its height it did just that. Today it stands in the middle of a restoration process, thus looking a little less regal, but still majestic. Surrounding it are the palaces of the wealthy families of old. The old streets are narrow and in many cases a series of steps leading to the next piazza. It is easy to get lost as the streets follow no logical pattern. However, with the whole day out in front of one's self, it is a great venture to wander and gaze at the sights.

Follow The Arrow!

Along The Way

A View From Below

San Nicola dei Greci

View Of The Torrente Gravina (Ravine)

Across The Gorge

Santa Lucia alla Civita With Part of Old City Wall

San Pietro Caveoso

Passageway to Next Piazza

Palazzo del Sedile (Now the Music Conservatory)


View of The City From Duomo

Another Street!


Palace of the Governor