August 26 - September 8, 2014

Matera to Otranto

Puglia is situated between the the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast, and the Strait of Òtranto and Gulf of Taranto in the south. Its southernmost portion, known as Salento peninsula, forms a high heel on the "boot" of Italy.  Under the watchful eye of Ilaria from Siciclando Active Holiday, Italy in conjuction with Jennifer from WomanTours, USA this group of women will pedal down the "heel" through UNESCO World Heritage sites and along the coast through the small quaint villages. The trip begins for this writer in Bari and then on to Matera a couple days ahead of the group. Click below to follow along and "pedal" the Salento pennisula! Ciao!

August 26/27: Flight to Bari, Italy

August 28: Matera

August 29: Matera

August 30: Matera

August 31: Matera

September 1: Alberobello

September 2: Alberobello

September 3: Ostuni

September 4: Otranto

September 5: Otranto

September 6: Bari

September 7: Rome

September 8: Flight back to the USA