September 1: Alberobello

Time to move onto the next town so after another large buffet breakfast the "team" loads up and heads once again out of town, this time changing the direction slightly in order to head in a more southerly direction than the day before. All goes as plan with directions clear and complete. The only obstacle that this team has is no one seems to have a clear understanding of the terms "left", "right", "T stop" or "Y turn". Before even out of the city limits the group is once again lost. The advantage to traveling in a "lost" mentality is one gets to see a lot more of the town than was originally planned! A quick call to the van and everyone is on the right path and sailing along down into the valley below. The goal of the day is to reach Alberobello about 76 km away.

The route takes the group over a rolling hillside. Many times the downhill are enough to coast the bike up the corresponding hill allowing time to enjoy the beautiful landscape of olive trees and grape vines. Other times a little power from the legs is required increasing the heart rate and the speed of the breath. It is during these times that very little conversation is happening and each person uses the time to figure out the best method to crest the hill. Ignoring these "interval training times", the sights are wonderful. Narrow roadways lined in stone fences with fields of groves or vineyards, each ripe ready to harvest. Occasionally a livestock or two can be seen grazing on the little grass that covers the surface. At one time this area was heavily tree covered, but those days are long gone. Today the landscape goes on for miles without the sight of any tree other than the olive groves that man planted in a straight row.

Today being a long riding day a picnic lunch is prepared in a small park along the way. Fresh salad and fruit are a welcome sight after pedaling in the warm sun for several hours. While the mileage may be short the traveling is slow so a 76 km route can take all day! But then what is the rush!! An occasional stop for a coffee or maybe a gelato -- it's the Italian way.

Alberobello is a small town famous for its trulli buildings, most of which were at one time homes to the inhabitants." A trullo (plural, trulli) is a traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof. Their style of construction is specific to the Itria Valley, in the Murge area of the Italian region of Puglia. Trulli were generally constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses or as permanent dwellings by small proprietors or agricultural labourers. Their golden age was the 19th century." Wikepedia Since 1996 the area has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Every Bride Wants a Biking Group To Be Bridesmaids!

The Beginning of a Picnic

Christy and Tracie



Every Good Guide Checks Her Map Twice!

Ilaria: "Relax Jen, I Know The Way!"

Jen: "Look You Were Right. My GPS Says We Are Here!"

"Oh I Can't Believe We Are LOST Again. All These Turns Look Alike!"

Which Way????


Rustic Trulli


Hotel Room Inside a Trulli

Dinner in a Trulli