September 2: Alberobello

The weather pattern has shifted bringing rain into the picture. For several days the thunder clouds have pounded in the distance, but this morning's sunrise was covered with wet air and a cool breeze. The decision was to "rest" and use the time to explore the village of Alberobello and all of it's trulli sights.

The town is a favorite tourist attraction so very quickly into the morning the street is full of people strolling by the buildings in pursuit of knowledge. Languages from all over the world can be heard (or read on the shop keepers' doors) confirming the international appeal of this UNSECO site. There is also of course the "tourist shops" displaying all sorts of examples of typical crafts as well as tourist trinkets.

Downtown Alberobello


Strolling Down The Avenue


Panorama of Town

Jen and Shawna On Top of The World


Only Two Floor Trulli in Alberobello

Loft Bedroom in Trulli

Jen and Sandy


The "Group" On A Shopping Spree

Typical Symbols on Rooftops