September 3: Ostuni

Mother Nature decides that today should be a rest day! While gentle at first she lifts her arms to the sky and squeezes the clouds to release a fine shower of rain drops damping the roads but not the spirits. The cobblestones immediate become a ice skating rink and the bike tires rebel. No problem for the group -- just "foot tour" through the streets of Ostuni instead. The van is quickly loaded and off the group goes to the next hotel deep within the city walls. The drive through the countryside to the town is like driving through a fantasy land of "tree fairies". If one allows one's imagination to run wild, it is obvious that the groves of knotty and gnarly olive trees are the still form of the "night fairies". Each tree is frozen in that last position made before the sun came up and locked them into place. The days are spent waiting for the moon to rise and the dancing and twirling to continue!

Ostuni is built on top of a hill and still fortified by the ancient walls. It is regarded as an architectural jewel, and is commonly referred to as "the White Town" ("La Città Bianca", in Italian) for its white walls and its typically white-painted architecture. Only the cathedral, Bishop's home and the soldiers' quarters are left in original stone color. The reason: to draw focus and impress the importance of these buildings on those who view it.

Surrounding the city are olive and grape orchards rolling down the hillside to the sea.

The group decides to explore the city on foot and with mini-tourist bus -- AND -- try their luck at ordering off the menu!

Lead Dancer

Reaching for Partner in the Background

Two on the Sidelines

Old Man of the Dance Floor

The Grand Dame


Step Children

Baby Olive

Walking Into the City Center

Notice Incline! But Happy Faces!

Tracie Almost to the Hotel

Jen Glad to Finally Be at the Hotel

Okay, Group, We Can Do This Without Ilaria!!

Wow!! Did We Order All This??



Olive Groves to the Sea

The Sea

Strolling Through Town

Another Wedding -- But -- With Their Own Bridemaids!


Great Use of Bike

Tour Bus!

City Wall

Sandy Buying Original Art Work