September 4: On To Otranto

The best laid plans many times have to be adjusted. Whether it be Mother Nature, Fate, or just bad luck -- things can not always go exactly to plan. Fortunately for the group flexibility is the mantra of the day and life goes on. The day before Shawna didn't feel well and declined the invitation to ride. Mother Nature helped out by providing the rain so that the rest of the group could also sit out the day. However, Shawna's health deteriorated enough to warrant a trip to the hospital for tests and overnight stay. Switching gears, the group changes from a biking group to one of support and rallies around her until the hospital staff requests only one to a room -- Jen took the role on and the group with Ilaria stepped back and waited by the phone for updates. Appendicitis -- surgery -- several days in a small regional hospital -- again all taken in stride. Decisions made -- the group would continue on down the coast to Otranto to the final hotel -- Jen would stay with Shawna and be the English speaking contact point. Each person pushed, waved, sent, did whatever they could do to make sure that the positive energy was encircling Shawna as she endured the experience.

Surgery successful and now the waiting period until release from the hospital.

The drive down the coast includes a wonderful lunch at a B & B among the olive trees. The shoreline was not far away with its jagged cliffs and sandy beaches. Thoughts were on, of course, Shawna and the weather once again delayed any biking, so adaptation was made. Pool time or a massage or just a nap were the order of the day.

The Fairy Queen


All Twisted and Turned


Off To Lunch!

Guard Duty


Is That Really A Tree?


Ilaria: "Yes, Tracie, You Have to Eat Lunch!"

Ilaria, Tracie, Sue


Oh My! All That Food


Vehicle of Choice For The Day