May 6: The Aeolian Islands, Lipari

Regaleali is more than just a winery. It is a self contained operation which includes the production of cheese. The company has both cows and sheep and a full cheese production as a result of this. Fresh ricotta cheese was used in yesterday's cannoli! In order to assure the perfect high standard set by the family, the cows are not let out to graze in nearby pastures in order to control exactly what they consume. They are fed pre-prepared feed and then allowed to "stretch" in an enclosed area nearby. The sheep, however, are not as restricted.

After a tour of the cheese production area the group is off and pedaling once again through the lush and colorful countryside. This time the goal is to get to the coast in time to catch the ride to the hydrofoil to the island of Lipari. From deep in the interior of the island the road twists and turns up hillsides and down through valleys with the ever present sight of the patchwork quilt of color spread across the landscape. As the route nears sea the terrain begins to change to a more mountainous appearance. The ancient town of Sclafani Bagni stands guard over the countryside as one rides down into the valley. Wild fennel, sulla and wheat once again grace the view. A quick "light Sicilian lunch" and it is off to the island of Lipari in the Aeolian Island chain. Sicilians believe very strongly that an empty stomach is a sin!!

The Beginning of the Cheese Process


Ricotta Waiting For Final Stage

Good Morning


Ann: "You Are Special!"

Monica: "You Are Too!!"

The Countryside

Green Energy

Poppies Along The Roadside


Dario: "Let Me Help You" Paolo: "Hum!"

More Countryside

Patchwork Fields

Wild Fennel


Another Fantastic View

Terrain Change

Closer Look

Sclafani Bagni


Eucalyptus Valley

Dario in Red On The Downhill Route!

Light Lunch

The Wonderful Landscape!