A Taste of Sicily Biking and Hiking

May 1 to May 12, 2013

Dario Carzan, the co-owner of Siciclando, states this is "one of the most popular bike tour and the best to showcase the diversity and richness of Sicily – seaside bike routes, ancient towering temples, charming towns, and the power of the volcanoes." We begin in Sicily’s capital, Palermo and follow it with days of biking and hiking the north coast of the island and the Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Salina provides a lovely green background; Lipari offers spectacular views of the other islands and the coast of Sicily; a visit to the island of Vulcano allows one to hike a volcano for the most fascinating view of the Aeolian Islands. Then it is back to Sicily and on to the city of Taormina, one of the pearls of Sicily with its ancient Greco-Roman theatre and shop-lined streets.

To follow the daily adventures of eight happy people and their guides, just click on the following dates to read and see what life is like in the Italian island of Sicily!

May 1: Arrive in Palermo

May 2: Palermo

May 3: Palermo

May 4: Monreale to the Agriturismo, Alia

May 5: Regaleali winery loop

May 6: The Aeolian Islands, Lipari

May 7: Lipari loop

May 8: Salina loop

May 9: Walking on the Vulcano’s volcano and back to the main island of Sicily, Taormina

May 10: Taormina -- Biking to Randazzo and to the Alcantara Gorge

May 11: Taormina

May 12: Return to US