May 2: Flight to Rome

A very early wake up call (5:00am) from the airport shuttle to tell me that they were backing up the time by ten minutes created a rapid scurry around the house. The skies opened up into a torrential downpour just as the van drove up and all thoughts of starting the day looking nice went right down the tube. Oh well, by the time I get to Rome I will have dried out.

Once checked in at the airport it was time to just begin the long "sit and wait" day. The first flight was to take me to Toronto. The agent at check in told me it would be about a half hour late and now was going to take one and a half hour to get there. I, of course, asked, "what was the original timeline?" Never quite answered me but told me that they had switched to a prop plane. Now I didn't even realize that any airline still used prop planes for longer flights!

The half hour late departure turned into two and a half hours, but then I already had a seven and half hour layover in Toronto. Was nice not to be one of those passengers worried about missing connections. I figured -- still had to sit and wait, just was doing it in a different airport than what I thought I would. Now am in Toronto waiting for that next flight.

On to Roma!!!