May 3: Rome to Orvieto

Made it to Rome with "no problem". The flight took a little over eight hours and by morning I was scurrying to find the fast train to the Roma Termini for my train to Orvieto. Knowing little to no Italian doesn't help, but with the perseverance of a stubborn mule, I got my ticket, found the right track and was seated with luggage on my way to the most charming old city sitting high on a hill overlooking the valley covered with olive groves and vineyards. Tuscany here I come!!

Orvieto, 60 miles north of Rome, is a very old medieval town with much of its original structures still in use. Situated high on a ridge overlooking the valley it is obvious why the "city planners" picked this spot. Hotel Duomo, my home for the next two night, is directly down ten steep steps from the Duomo, a 14th century cathedral. Matter of fact, all things are down several steep steps from something in this town. The streets are mostly a pedestrian's nightmare due to the narrowness -- the inclines are amazing -- the buildings are so beautiful -- the people friendly and accomodating to a non-Italian speaking lost tourist!! Exploration happens tomorrow after a good night's rest!

Orvieto Duomo


Street to Hotel Duomo

A Main Street!

Am glad to be on foot!

Notice Street Sign -- Yes, Cars Come Down These Streets!

The Valley Below

View From Above