May 8: Sovano to Scansano

The weather was turning into one of those beautiful Tuscan sunny days as the group said goodbye to Sovano and headed west. The terrain is gentler now,but still gives the legs a challenge as it "rolls" along. The downhills aren't quite long enough or steep enough to thrust the bike and rider up the next incline, but they do give the ride a thrill as one "flies" down the winding road over small bridges, pass fields aglow in red and yellow, sheep grazing quietly a few feet off the road and no traffic to hinder the glide. It is hard to strictly focus on the biking aspects of a ride through Tuscany. Oh, there are the lingering thoughts of that long incline on the horizon, or that occasional truck -- but most is on the beauty surrounding the entire countryside. Monet couldn't have painted it any finer. The poppies grow wild in this region and add a touch of crimson red to the fields and the side strips along the roadways. Add to that the purple wild iris and the yellow dandelions -- a bouquet at every bend of the road. The smell of the acaccia tree throws the mind into another world. When one dares to look beyond the fields the hills come alive with patches of olive trees next to wheat fields gently blowing in the wind.

Midway on the route for today was the treat of a thermal springs. While Dario and Paolo prepared lunch the group soaked in the "tub"! Two hours later full and well rested the group headed up that last long, long hill (6+kms) to the home for the night. Antico Casale di Scansano or "Beauty Farm" as the sign says is a spa tucked into the hillside just outside of the town of Scansano. Massages were arranged followed by a cocktail party and dinner. Relaxed, well fed the group headed to bed with no thoughts of having any trouble sleeping!

Tuscan Countryside

Sheep Grazing in the Fields

Another Vista

The Road to Scansano

Fields All Aglow!



Dario and Paolo Discussing the Lunch Menu

Jackie and Kathleen at the Thermal Springs

Jackie Cooling Those Feet

Jackie Soaking!

Sue and Jackie Enjoying the Sun

Lunch Break

Thermal Springs from Above

Sue Almost There

Note Name at Lower Center!!!




Jackie (on right): "Is there alcohol in this??" Jackie (on left): "Oh, yes!"

The Group!