February 13: Kik Plateau to Ouirgane Valley and Asni

Kik Plateau is in the Asni region of the High Atlas Mountains. Not far from Marrakech by way of the crow flying, but definitely a twisting, turning up hill van ride. Once out of the valley and high enough to be on open and scarcely traveled roads the group mounted the bikes and off in the direction of the Ouirgane Valley. Never be it said that a plateau is flat and that once at its summit that there aren't more times to ascend! The road snaked itself up the countryside for approximately 2 kilometers before giving a momentary relief only to continue the climb over the pass in pursuit of the valley to the southwest. Vistas of wonder at each turn of the road opened up to the rider. This is the Atlas Mountain range and the home to many small Berber villages. Saturday is market day bringing many from the hills down into town to both buy and sell their wares.

As yesterday a wonderful picnic lunch in a pine grove up the hill from the road was prepared by Hussain only to be inhaled by a very hungry group! The land where this treat was set was owned by a Berber who sold artifacts and pottery so a quick stop at his store was a treat! More to the story of the area and the day to be posted soon. In the meantime, here are pictures from the day.

Pedaling on down into the valley brought the group to a wonderful hotel and spa -- the home for the next three nights. After a hard first day a welcome site.

At the Top of the Kik Plateau

Woman at Way Station

View of the Valley Below

Saaid on Top of the World!



Jackie and Kit

The Highest Mountain in Morocco

Mary on the Road Again!

THE Road!

Kathy: "I Can Do This"

Lauri Thumbs Up!

Saaid: "Okay Ladies, Yes There Are Some More UPs!"

Tagine Pots for Sale

Up and Up We Go

Here We Come!

Sharing the Road

Cheryl and Simon

Market Day

Market Day Some More

Bike Parking

Lunch Picnic

Perfect Spot for Lunch

Fossilized Camel Pee -- called the Rose of the Sahara!

Hotel Guest Room for the Next Three Nights!!

View from Room Balcony

End of the Day Beer!

The Group

More of the Group