Morocco: An Adventure Mosaic

February 11 - 19, 2016

The world seen from the seat of a bicycle is a wondrous sight. Exploring countrysides while traveling at slow speeds, visiting cultural sights off the beaten path, meeting people of different cultures and walks of life are all part of a bike tour experience. This trip will take a small group of women from the busy city of Marrakech, Morocco through the surrounding areas over varying terrain to the sea and back. Desert life, Berber family experience, snake charmers -- all part of the Woman Tours cultural experience. To follow along, merely click on the links below.

February 9-10: Flight to Morocco

February 11: Marrakech, Morocco

February 12: Marrakech (Palmerie area and Majorelle Gardens)

February 13: Kik Plateau to Ouirgane Valley and Asni

February 14: Between Asni and Ourigane (Outside Douar Marigha)

February 15: Up the Nfis River to Ljoukak

February 16: Ouirgane Valley to Amizmiz -- then on to Agafay Desert Camp

February 17:Essaouria

February 18: Essaouira

February 19: Shuttle to Marrakech

February 20: Amsterdam

February 21-27: Berlin, Germany to USA