April 26: Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal.

The day started very early after only a few hours of sleep considering what time we all got to bed after the flight in from the States. Our guide picked us up at the airport at 930am in order to get us to the airport on time for our continuation onto Kathmandu. Because it was an international flight we needed to be there at least three hours ahead in order to go through the check-in and security clearance. India takes their security very seriously and nothing was left unturned. In my case, my backpack was totally emptied and rescanned. Reason -- small nail file in side pocket, which I of course totally forgot about. They didn't take it, but I was detained for several very long minutes while the rest of the group waited anxiously.

Then it was on to the people watching, getting to know each other, Duty Free shopping, or just sitting until we noticed that there were a lot of people moving toward the gate. There was no official announcement, just a sense that maybe everyone else in the waiting room knew something we didn't!

The flight was short by comparison to the day before and the next thing we knew the outline of the Himalayas was appearing out the window. The weather in Delhi approaches the 105 mark, while in Kathmandu is is cooler -- about 90 when we landed with a tailwind that I was sure was going to take the plane off the end of the runway!

After checking into our hotel a couple of us went out in pursuit of an ATM and some bottled water. There are 3 million people who live and work in this city and they all seemed to be passing by either on foot, bike, motorcycle, car or bus as we tried to cross the street. We had been advised by the guide to just stay close to the locals and go when they go. That in itself is a feat!

Hurrying back to the hotel we arrived just in time for our guide (Dave) to give us an orientation to the trip and then off to a welcome dinner with the added surprise of a guest. The grandson of the first sherpa to reach the top of Mt Everest, Tashi Tenzing. His grandfather was responsible for getting Hillary to the top in 1953. While a guide and sherpa himself who has tackled the mountain several times, he is now a motivational speaker encouraging others to not quit, to use team work and to persevere through adversary. Quite a memorible evening!!

Another night of quick sleeping -- touring Kathmandu starts in the morning after breakfast!

Dehli, India from My Hotel Room!

Untouchables Village, Dehli, India

Waking in the Morning

Communal Bath

Wild Boars

Small Naked Child Waiting for His Mother

Local Grocery Store

Kathmandu, Nepal


Kathmandu Rush Hour

Farmer's Market

Sorel, Gail, and Susan trying to find an ATM


Gail in a Back Alley

Traffic Jam!

Cop With Cover!



Peg, Rhetta, Lurline

Lurline and Pete

Elaine, Hedy, Howard




Welcome Dinner


Nepal Stew

Nepal Stew Pot Open