April 28: Kathmandu 95 degrees

Mt Everest Day!! 5:30am wake up call, a quick cup of tea and off to the airport to fly to Mt Everest. The mountain is the tallest in the world -- and after spending the evening with the grandson of the first one to the top, it was even more impressive to want to see. The flight lasted an hour, but during that time the plane (a small Jet Stream) flew along the ridge line of the Annapurnas so that we could see the fabulous snow covered peaks. As we approached Mt Everest each one of us was invited up into the cockpit with the pilot to see the mountain up close and personal. The twin peaks jutted out of the horizon like a giant iceberg in the sky. We circled and then returned to the airport full of wonder at what nature can produce.

Upon disembarking we noticed a United States of America official airplane sitting just outside a hanger. Not too far away was a Pakistani Air Force plane. Minds definitely started to wander as to why they both were here. A UN helicopter was also within sight! With all the commotion with the Maoist protests, all of us wondered if there wasn't something more complex going on right in front of us and we were totally unaware.

Back to the hotel for breakfast and then off for the day of more sightseeing of the historical sites. First on the list is Pashupatinath, the first old city, then on to Boudhanath, the second old city with Bhaktapur or third old city finishing off the day. Each one was part of the kingdom of the royalty for many centuries until 2002 when a tragic murder wiped out the entire immediate first family of Nepal. The brother of the king was suspected but no investigation was done and he went on to reign for the next five years. Nepal, while a monarchy was headed for a democratic way of life under the original king which in turn starved off the Maoist influence among the people. That luck shifted with the entrance of the brother -- his greed and lack of governing skills opened the door for the indoctrination of Maoist philosophy and a desire for a better life. After a very short time he was ousted bringing an end to a many century old monarchy. Today the unrest is prevalent with demonstrations going on by the Maoists demanding that the people strike and freeze the country.

Each city has its own unique elements, but all of them are excellent examples of the fine architecture of old Nepal. The carved wooden windows, the ornate stone carvings of the temples, the shape and designs of the pagodas and stupas. Each have lasted for centuries and are still in use today. While strolling among the back streets of the third city we met some of the elderly idly sitting in the shade at the town square solving the world problems while waiting out the day. This probably is no different that their forefather's had done so many years ago.

Lunch today is in an old restaurant on the second floor overlooking the town square. While enjoying a typical Nepalian meal of vegetables, fried rice, and chicken, people watching provides the entertainment.

Back to the hotel to repack for tomorrow and rest. The time zone change has finally caught up to most of us, so off to bed early.


Domestic Flights Airport

Yeti Airlines

Inside the Plane

The Annapurna Mountain Range

Fish Tail Mountain

First View of Mt Everest

Mt Everest!

Pakistanian Air Force

USA Diplomatic Jet

Pashupatinath Stupa

Old City Street


On the way to the Crematorium

Washing the Body

Holy Men

Holy Men

Local Bike Shop

School Children in Boudhanath


Monk Artist

Old Monk

Happy Woman

Old Woman

Old Man

Potter in Bhaktapur

Old Men of Town and the Girls!