May 3: Sanctuary Lodge

The Maoists are still raising havac creating a total shut down of the country. We are still to stay put and wait out the protest. Today several wanted to get word to their family and friends, so we hiked up the valley to the next town that had a small store with internet access. After breakfast the happy group strolled up the road with no care in the air other than to try to communicate out to the rest of the world.

Success was had by some, by others not -- but the hike was simple and enjoyable so no one seemed to mind. No word that the outside world even knows what is going on in Nepal, so mixed thoughts pass from one to the other. Some are showing signs of minor worry, others don't care as long as it is safe.

Back to the lodge for lunch and an afternoon of relaxation. A possible trip around the block to a home for water buffalo milk at 4:30pm, but other than that everyone is doing their own thing. The sun has returned, so once again paradise is in full swing!! When one is in such a beautiful place it is hard to realize that not too far away there are a lot of angry people burning tires to block the roads in hope that the prime minister will step down. We did learn that the prime minister is backed by the British government and is being encouraged to stand his ground. The Maoist threaten to keep the "shutdown" going as long as he is in power. This could be a longer vacation than planned orginially!!!


Fish Tail

Another Angel Face

Splitting Rocks

Rock Carriers

Pots and Pans Man

Stove in Use