January 12: Lake Moeraki to Makarora

Mother Nature once again decided to show her might and brought in a torrential downpour as sun was breaking the horizon. The route today started with a 200 m climb before descending to sea level and a gentle rolling landscape for 50 km before once again rising up into the sky. The rain, however, brought any thoughts of riding over Knights Point to a halt. Visibility was down to a matter of feet and the roads were quickly becoming submerged in water as the waterfalls over flowed their normal route to the sea. Gear, bikes and riders all loaded, the minibus slowly ascended the first series of twists and turns. Then it was on to Haast Bridge only to discover that the town was quietly closed. Leaving the sea behind the mini bus with trailer slowly climbed up the mountain side and on to Haast Pass. The rain was still strong, the road slippery, and with all the weight of gear and people it was very clear that the ascent was too steep to progress fully loaded. So -- leaving the trailer in a car park at the base of the Pass, the group continued on up the pass. Each turn produced another waterfall splashing across the road. At the summit it was clear that the road was not as solidly built as one would hope. Rumors were spreading that it would close due to rocks falling and the water just too deep for any vehicle to pass. With minutes to spare the group cleared the summit and drove on to Mararora where today's overnight is planned. However, the bikes and trailer needed to retrieved. Up and over the minibus went again this time empty of people and gear. Again -- with only minutes to spare the minibus got the trailer, drove up the mountain and careful navigated through the perilous roadway to rejoin the group in Mararora. This was all done in a torrential downpour!

Once settled into the lodge, the sun came out and the air temperature rose. Mother Nature had once again reminded everyone that she was boss!

Rainy Day in Lake Moeraki

Team Work Loading Up

We've Got This!

One More!

Home For The Night!