September 14: Charlottetown

As the sun broke through the clouds in the early morning light the temperature rose to a comfortable but humid 70 degrees. After the previous day's cool, windy weather it was a welcomed relief. Today's activities circle around finding last minute items for the tour and meeting the group for an orientation meeting and bike fitting.

The group is sixteen women strong with two experienced guides -- from all over the United States and every walk of life. Some with years of biking experience -- others with just a few years or two -- all excited to explore the countryside of Prince Edward Island from the seat of a bike. First task -- be fitted for a bike and test drive it around the store's parking lot. Each rider had previously submitted leg measurements, so an appropriately sized bike sat ready to ride with water bottle and rear rack patiently waiting to be filled.

Second order of business was to explore old Charlottetown by way of a circle tour down to the harbor and back to the hotel. 8kms while not long was enough to give each rider a sense of the bike's gears and brake system. Tomorrow would begin the venture out into the countryside.

Dinner together and then off to rest before the start of the tour.

Ann Ready to Go!

Nancy Ready to Roll!

Team Effort Getting Sue's Bike Adjusted

Okay, Which Screw is the Adjustment?

Betsy and Jody Enjoying the Wait