September 16: Montague to Panmure Island 42.1 km

Today's venture is a circle tour to Panmure Island and back. The day starts with a beautiful sunrise over the harbor of Montague as seen from the front porches of the hotel rooms as each rider begins the day. Morning coffee accompanied with the warmth of the sun make waking up an easy task for the day.

After a gourmet breakfast prepared by the guides, the group sets out across the eastern end of PEI along route 17 through Lower Montague to St.. Andrews Point. This was a summer camping ground for the Mi'kmaq First Nations people and it  is one of the first settlements on Prince Edward Island. The first Scottish settlers came to Lower Montague in 1767 and in the 1770s a number of Acadian families were invited to settle.

After a restful break the group continues on route 17 to the island of Panmure. Along the way can be seen the blue mussel farms in the water. PEI blue mussels grow naturally in the nutrient-rich waters, and are self-sustained with no feed or additives. Using the longline system, the farming process consists of naturally collected mussel seed being placed in mesh socks which are suspended in a water column.  These "socks" become the "birthplace" of the mussels. After a period of 12 to 24 months the socks are retrieved and the mussels harvested. PEI is Canada's largest producer and exporter of rope cultured blue mussels.

Panmure Island is located just off the coast of Prince Edward Island and was connected to PEI by sand bars at low tide until the 1960s when an artificial  causeway was created. The causeway created an extensive barrier beach and sand dune formation, which is now protected by Panmure Island Provincial Park. The causeway has faced increased wave erosion in recent years and the provincial government has spent a significant amount to preserve the connection despite rising sea levels and increased storms.

Panmure Island contains the oldest wooden lighthouse on Prince Edward Island. Constructed in 1853 it has continually stood watch over the Georgetown Harbor to this day. In 1985 it was refurbished into an automated lighthouse bringing an end to the live-in keeper life. Today it serves both as a lighthouse and in the summer months a gift shop and tourist attraction.

Completing the circle tour is a stop at the Pembroke Farm Sheep Shop and then back to Montague for another delightful evening over the harbor.

Morning Sun Rise in The Bay

Sun Rise

Mussel Fishing

Bikes on the Bay

Break Time at St. Andrews Point Park

Sue at Baie St.. Mary's Bay at St. Andrews Point

Baie St.. Mary's Bay at St.. Andrews Point


Red Rocks on the Bay

The Sea!


Ann: "Sue, I Can't Pedal Another Mile -- Help!"

Sea View


Bay View on Panmure Island

Oldest Wooden Lighthouse on PEI with Haflinger Horses

Panmure Island Group!

Panmure Island Lighthouse -- Oldest in PEI

Sand Dunes of Panmure Island

Panmure Lighthouse

Panmure Island Dunes

Kimberly: "Where are all my Riders?"


The Group at the Sheep Wool Store!

Sharon, Nancy, Sue

Sue, Tori


Kathy, Nancy, Mirlia