September 17: Montague to Brudenell Resort/Provincial Park 23 km

Once again the morning sun broke through the trees and warmed the air just as each rider was beginning the day with that first cup of coffee and the gourmet breakfast prepared by the guides. Today's venture is part bike, part kayak.

The Confederation Trail, begun in 1990s, is an elaborate rails to trails system that runs tip to tip across PEI. The trail itself as many tributaries that branch off to areas of interest throughout the island. Because of its former use as a rail system the grade of the pathway is never over 2% making it ideal for an easy, leisurely bike ride or hike. Today's ride joins the Trail in Montague and follows it to Brudenell Provincial Park where the group is outfitted for kayaks. Each "kayaker" is given quick instructions and guidance as what to do and expect, then helped gently into the Brudenell River along with three experienced kayak guides. First it is an easy paddle down stream pass several mussel farms and across to the other side to view the fantastic panorama of the river bank. Then it is up stream into the wind for the troop! Most of the kayaks held two people so it was a double team effort with waves splashing over the sides and laughter resounding from each craft! No one escaped the wetness, but no one really cared. When one is enjoying the experience, negative factors don't play a role.

A quick goodbye to the kayaks and it is off again on bike to the town of Georgetown. Originally called Three Rivers, it is situated at the end of the point looking out over Georgetown Harbor. For many years it was the most important port in the colony of Prince Edward Island and in 1870 was selected to be the eastern terminus of the Prince Edward Island Railway as well as becoming a vital steamship terminal with connections to the Intercolonial Railway on the mainland at Pictou, Nova Scotia. Georgetown's harbour was frequently the only port on the island to be usable during the winter months on account of prevailing wind and tide directions. A perfect place to have lunch and enjoy the views!

Morning Sunrise

Bikes Patiently Waiting for the Ride!

Three River Bridge Stop!


One of the Three Rivers!

Sue, Nancy, Sharon, Ann: "We Found the Rivers!"

Kayak Tim!

The Group Anxiously Waits for Tim!

On With The Life Jackets!!


Keith and Cy: "They All Survived and Are Back on Shore!"

Sue On Georgetown Harbor

Sue and Sharon Loving That Harbor Breeze

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

Sharon and Sue on the Confederation Trail!