Sept 18: Montague to Rollo Bay 62.4 km

Back on the Confederation Trail, however this time headed north away from the water front and into the interior of the island. Shortly after leaving the city limits of Montague, the group exits the Trail onto an country road and begins the undulating ride through farmlands and former towns. A mere sign along side the road reveals the name of a village that once stood in its place. Many times the road ahead looks like a whip snapped across the landscape sending ripples down its cord. For each rise there is a descend. For each dip there is a matching up. With the wind blowing sometimes from behind, sometimes across and of course, sometimes in one's face, the ride sails by as each rider soaks in the beauty surrounding them. Potato fields monopolize the views as the miles click off.

As stated before potatoes are a major crop on PEI. In order to nudge Mother Nature and the growing season along, the farmers will kill off the top growth of the plant with a pesticide when it is still green and then harvest the potato beneath. This allows the farmer to have at least two plantings a year producing a greater crop volume and thus income. While this method of harvesting is not unique to PEI it does beg the question as to how much of the pesticide has reached the actual potato.

The ride today is one of the longest of the trip, so frequent stops for snack breaks is the way of the day. It isn't hard to find great scenic spots to relax.

Just before the city limits of Rollo Bay is the Myriad View Distillery, a must stop for the whole group! Myriad View prides themselves as being the legal distributor of "moonshine" on the island!!

Sue and Ann On The Road to Rollo Bay

Sue and Ann: "Up We Go!"

Ann: "I Can Do This!!"

Lunch Break


Jody and Nancy


The Nancys

Up and Up and Up!

Ann: "This is a Potato Plant!"

Rollo Bay Lighthouse

Ann: "Look Honey, I Found Us Another House!"

"Here is the House!!"

Myriad View Distillery Group!

Where is the Distillery Store?

Sue and Betsey: "Down the Hatch!"