Sept 19: Greenwich National Park and St. Peter’s Bay 40.7 km

Leaving Rollo Bay behind and following Route 2 the group heads west to St. Peters on St. Peter's Bay. Once again the panoramic views are fields of every color. Potatoes dominate, but beans, corn, tomatoes, mustard all line up to join the carpets of color. The rich soil of PEI coupled with the gulf stream of St. Lawrence River creates the temperate summer weather patterns allowing for vast and successful farming. The winters while most of the time are relatively mild, can be brutal. In 2015 PEI received over 18 feet of snow burying cars, homes, anything under 18 feet tall!

Greenwich National Park is at the end of the peninsula created by St. Peter's Bay. It is the home of the magnificent parabolic dune system standing guard over the white-sand beaches and extensive trail system that includes a floating boardwalk. In 1998 Greenwich became part of the National Park because of these large parabolic sand dunes, the endangered piping plover and many rare plants.

On the Way to St. Peter's Bay

Sue Patiently Waiting for The Shoppers!

First View of St. Peter's Bay

Catholic Church of St. Peter's Bay


Gulf of St. Lawrence

St. Peter's Bay

Another Shot of St. Peter's Bay

Cy (Guide) at Lunch Stop -- Fresh Caught Halibut Sandwich!

The Parabolic Dunes at Greenwich National Park

More Parabolic Dunes

Nancy On The Bog

Greenwich Bog

Ann on the Floating Boardwalk

Nancy and Sue on Boardwalk


Sharon Enjoying the Surf

Sue: "I Love the Ocean!"

Nancy: "Okay, I Am Going In!"

Sharon and Ann: "We LOVE it here!"

Nancy: "The Water is Warm!"

Tori, Sue, Nancy, Kathy Solving the World's Problems

Ann Looking For Sea Glass


Ann and Nancy Comparing Their Finds


Returning to the Bikes

Ann Riding Through Paradise