Sept 20 St Peters Bay to Charlottetown -- Confederation Trail 61 km

Today's journey is back on a section of the Confederation Trail and on to the original starting point, Charlottetown. Traversing the countryside for over sixty kilometers the trail passes through bogs, forests, open farmland and small towns as it winds its way to the capital of PEI. Without the concern of vehicular traffic the rider can easily slip into a quiet, meditative state as the miles click off. The grade remains relatively flat so there is no need to shift gears. Occasional gates need to be passed through so a brake here and there is needed. The wind likes to shift from side to side or directly in the face to offer a variety of effort needed to pedal. However, even that is a pleasant change to the day.

The day's conclusion is a group farewell dinner with entertainment supplied by the guides and several guests. Good byes are slow in coming as the group will be disbanded and headed in different directions in the morning. A great time has been had by all and the friendships will live on.

Ann on Confederation Trail

Last View of St. Peter's Bay

Another Last View!

Osprey Nest

View Along the Trail

Ann, Kimberly, Sue on Trail

Cy and Kimberly Ready for Final Dinner!