Sept 21 : Charlottetown to North Rustico Bay, PEI

Leaving the biking portion of the trip behind two of us venture out by car to explore more of the island and visit the birthplace and residence of the famous author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, the writer of the famous Anne of Green Gables, series. Situated on the north shore of PEI just outside of Calvendish is the restored homestead and gardens that she came as a tiny child to live with her maternal grandparents Alexander and Lucy Macneill, when her mother Clara Macneill Montgomery died of tuberculosis. This was her home from 1876 to 1911. 

John Macneill, a great grandson of Alexander, lives on this farmland which was passed down to him through many generations of Macneills, and he and his wife Jennie carefully tend and maintain their historic site. It was here that Montgomery wrote Anne of Green GablesAnne of AvonleaKilmeny of the Orchard, and The Story Girl, as well as hundreds of short stories and poems, publishing her first story at the age of 14.

After an afternoon of touring by foot the beautiful grounds and listening to the stories told by Jeannie Macneill of the history of the area and family, a welcome seafood dinner awaits by the bay. Mussels and lobster -- the two mainstays of PEI!!

"Ann" at Anne of Green Gables

Ann on the Haunted Woods

Haunted Woods

Site of Lucy's Maud Montgomery's original home

Jennie Macneill

Sue in the Sunflower Garden

View in North Rustico Bay

Mussel Bound!

Sue: "Yes, I Am Going To Eat ALL of This!"

Ann: "Me TOO!!!"