June 13: Edinburgh to Dunbar 39 miles 1129' elevation change

The way of into the country follows the John Muir Way, named after the co-founder of the Sierra Club. It is 134 miles long in its entirety running from Helensburgh in the west to John Muir's birth place of Dunbar in the east. The section followed by this band of hardy souls follows the coastline of the North Sea heading east out of Edinburgh to the town of Dunbar. The weather today is a cool 58 degrees at the start with winds gusting at 15 - 020mph, but to the advantage of the group at tailwind!!

After a final check of the bikes and an orientation of what is to come for the day, the group starts out through the outskirts of Edinburgh and into the countryside following the coastline of the North Sea easterly to the town of Dunbar 39 miles away. The road twists and turns as it heads toward the North Sea. Immediately on the left is the inlet running from the sea to Edinburgh. The route today takes the group away from Edinburgh and out to the east. Along the way the vista is phenomenal -- so much so that pictures don't do it justice.

About half way to Dunbar is a seabird sanctuary. Contained within the complex are two live cameras that are placed on island/rock formations so one can see the different species of birds in their respective habitats. Puffins, Razorbill, Black guillemot, Kitiwake to name a few nest on these rocks. One of the rock formation is Bass Rock, Island of Firth. Ornithologists began studying the birds in the 19th century. Prior to that is was the home of an early Christian hermit, followed by being the foundation of a castle. Later it became a prison during the Commonwealth period. A group of Protestant ministers were housed there for over 15 years!

Down the Scotland Golf Road goes the string of riders and on to the Tantallon Castle. Built in the 1300s by the Douglas Family, it provided protection to Edinburgh. Located at the mouth of the inlet ships would have to pass it in order to continue on their quest to reach the city. Enemy travelers were met with a strong blast from the weaponry discouraging any further travel westward. After many generations the castle proper is in disrepair, however the Scottish Restoration is in the process of repairing the aging damage.

Overnight is Dunbar.

The Group!

John, Our Leader!

Mick, Our Other Leader

Denise, Our WomanTours' Guide

Jackie, WomanTours' Boss

We are off down the Coast

Kit, Melina, and Mandy

Home on the Coastal Road


Guilane Golf Course Entrance

Links Course

A View of the Coastline

Jackie and Kit at Bird Sanctuary

Bass Island, Island of Firth -- "white cover" Are Birds

Tantallon Castle

Sue and Denise

Mandy Strolling Through The Castle's Fields

Sue and Kit Headed to the Castle



The Route is on The Scotland Golf Coast Road