November 11: Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Hout Bay and back to Cape Town

South of Cape Town approximately 60 km is the Cape of Good Hope, a rocky headland on the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa. A common misconception is that the Cape of Good Hope is the southern tip of Africa. This misconception was based on the misbelief that the Cape was the dividing point between the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. It is, however, the southern most part of South Africa.

Along the way down the peninsula's one passes a penguin sanctuary when the chinstrap live harmoniously with the rock-hoppers and emperor penguins. Also can be found seals, birds, baboons, and a variety of lizards to name a few. The total distance from Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope is over 60 km, and with the group only wanting to do it one way, the decision is to drive to the end and cycle back. The terrain is once again rolling with a couple of steep climbs or descents. Today Mother Nature has decided to add wind to the schedule so cycling in a little precarious with cross winds pushing each rider into a more 45 degree angle for a stretch and then back vertical as normal riding should be. However, there are times that the wind comes from the back giving each rider a free push down or up that hill!! The last part of the ride before descending into Cape Town is Chapman's Peak, a steep and narrow road that opens to wonderful vistas when one dares to take one's eyes off the road. Some of the riders decide to not ride the bike but rather the van at this stage.

The View of the Coast on the Way Down to the Cape of Good Hope

Another View

Around Another Corner

Penguin Village!

Chinstrap Penguin

A "Little" Gathering

"Town Meeting"


The "Whole Town" Meeting

Chief Penguin

Mandy and CJ

Cape of Good Hope

Baby Baboons


Baby Ostrich

The Group (minus Mandy) at The Cape of Good Hope

Margaret Loving The Cape

Penguins and Seals Enjoying the Sun

Mr Ostrich!

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