November 2: Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth

The easiest and most direct route from the large metropolis of Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth is a one and half hour flight. Rising early to make sure to get the first one out meant out of bed before sunrise and off to the airport before the morning rush hour. Then a quick check in and "wait and sit" until it is up and away to the coast. Port Elizabeth sits on the Indian Ocean and is the largest South African port for the export of ore. The name "Elizabeth" was given to the city as a memorial for a wife of one of its governors. After she died, her husband renamed the city after her, had her heart extracted from her corpse and flew it back to England for burial. Upon his death, his heart was place next to her. So while they may have left their hearts in England, they are memorialized with the name of the city!

One guide, one driver, ten women all converge on PE with the hopes of finding each other to start the journey to Cape Town. Six had arrived a couple days earlier and were immediately retrieved at their hotels. Three came in on the first flight. The guide and driver drove over 12 hours from Cape Town to be the greeters. One, unfortunately arrived several hours late due to flight delays. But the group is together now and off on the adventure of seeing South Africa with an overnight first in the Addo National Park and the Lodge.

The Addo National Lodge is an old stop on the original postal route of years ago. Today it is a modern hotel and spa situated just outside the gates of the park. The settings are natural with monkeys running free, geese meandering across the lawn and birds singing one awake in the morning.

The long day is concluded with a five course buffet dinner with South African wine or beer!

View of the Courtyard of Lodge



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