November 4: Bloukrans River Valley to Robberg Nature Reserve and Knysna

A small gentle drizzle opened the day giving hope that the forest fires would be able to be contained and all roads would open without the threat of closure trapping travelers in a spot. After a consuming a huge spread of breakfast treats, it was learned that the road was still in peril and biking the route is not an option for the day. However, if the fire stays to the northeast the group can get by van down the Garden Route to the Robberg Nature Reserve. The reserve is currently not under fire watch and is open to hikers and overlook participants. Off the group goes to hike!!

Robberg Nature Reserve is a small peninsula sticking out into the ocean from the mainland and is the home to a local seal population. There are three main hiking trails that traverse the land with the path hugging the side of the cliffs and winding through thickets of greenery. While narrow in width it is wide in view. Each turn of the trail opens onto a new and more beautiful vista of the sea below. The way heads up one side of the peninsula over the top of the granite/sandstone rocks and back down the other side crossing a patch of sand dunes shifting in the wind. The top on the dunes is the perfect place for a picnic lunch.

Biking may not be part of the plan for today, but the hike is well worth the venture.

Robberg Peninsula

The Other Side

The Group Heads Out With Sonja, Our Guide (Left Front)

The Way

A Beautiful Vista

Around Another Corner

Up The Path We Go

Jackie Almost To The Top

Rest Stop -- Chris, Jackie, Sonja

And We Are Off Again! Sonja, Chris and Jackie

The Seals Who Live Here!

Jackie: "Are You Guys Coming??"

Down The Group Goes on The Dunes


Crossing the Dunes

The Indian Ocean At Its Finest

The Group Comparing Pictures

Cj and Mary: Did You See That Whale?

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