November 6: Outeniqua Pass to Little Karoo and Oudtschoorn -- Ostrich Capital of the World

Another day, another attempt at beating Mother Nature at her game. Today the route is to be primarily gravel surface with a rolling hill undulation. The rain starts as a slow steady drizzle, but picks up pace as the sun rises. Gravel roads are usually not difficult to navigate, but add the element of moisture, especially in the form of a downpour and the roadway becomes a pool of mud and stone.

First it is a "van" ride up and over the Outeniqua Pass rising to an elevation of 800 meters. Then it is the pedal part.

So as Mother Nature delivers her steady stream of moisture, the gravel road becomes a muddy pathway that challenges even for the most experienced rider. The slipping and sliding along with the washboard surface keeps everyone on their toes and in fear of losing their back teeth from the jarring. But mission accomplished! The group beats Mother Nature to Oudtshoorn and the nights accommodations. Rain in the beginning dissipated and while extremely muddy, both bike and rider, finish the day's ride with the sun breaking through the clouds. Each rider has a "caked on" look rather than a tan, but feels a sense of accomplishment.

The Group Unloads Ready To Ride

Mary: "It's Not Raining, HA!"

Becky "On The Road"

The Road

And More Road

And More!!

Sonja: "Almost There"

Becky: "I Can Do This!"

Chris: "Oh, They Said This Would Be Easy!"

Kit: "Damn, That Was Fun!"

The Area Around The Ride

Another View

The Hills

Kit: "I Made It -- AND -- Smiling!"

Margaret and the Group: "YEA We are Here!!"

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