November 8: Montagu

Continuing in a south westerly direction the group now is headed to the town of Montagu lying about 180 km north of Cape Town. The topography has changed once again opening to miles and miles of vineyards along with peach, apple, pear and apricot orchards all surrounded by the magnificent mountains. Following Route 62 (the South African Route 66) the views get more spectacular with every turn. Up and over another pass and then down into the town of Montagu. The town is named after a former secretary of the John Montagu but was once known as Colman's Kloof linking the town and railway station. It is situated at the confluence of the Keisie and Kingna rivers.

After checking into the hotel a hike through the Montagu Nature Reserve is the plan. A designated trail winds through a gorge with its high steep sides overshaddowing the vegatation below. High bamboo border parts of the way with a ever changing terrain of sand and rock. Wildlife sticks its head out periodically as if to greet the hikers as they pass.


On the Road Again

Our View

And Another View

Some More!

Jackie and Kit On Top Of The Pass

Margaret, Mandi, and Georgia with Chris in the Rear

Bird Sanctuary -- Ibis


Mr. Ibis

Jackie, Becky. Kit, and Sonja on the Way to the Montague Nature Preserve

Sonja, Kit and Becky Leading the Way

Through the Bamboo

Jackie and Chris

Sonja and Kit

Who Are You Guys? This Is My Home!

Becky, Sonja, Jackie, Kit

Jackie and Becky

Mr and Mrs. Leopard Tortoise


Cats Have A Separate Crossing!

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