South Dakota: Black Hills, Badlands & Mickelson Trail 

 June 23 -- July 2, 2023

South Dakota, named after the Dakota Sioux Native American tribe, is situated within the Great Plains bordered by North Dakota to the north, Minnesota to the east, Montana to the west, and Nebraska to the south.  While seventeenth largest state by area, it is fifth least populated one of the fifty states with most of the population residing in the eastern half of the state.  Geographically, the state is divided into three regions:  Eastern South Dakota, Western South Dakota, and the Black Hills with the Missouri River dividing the state in the middle.

This venture into the state will be the areas contained within the Black Hill, the Badlands and the Mickelson Trail  and their immediate surrounding areas.  Using a bicycle as the mode of transportation a group of women assembled by WomanTours will pass through the natural wonders encompassed in the Badland National Park, pedal through the Black Hills National Forest stopping to explore Deadwood, the former wildest town of the west!  and cruise down The Mickelson Trail pass the Crazy Horse carving and into Custer State Park.    With every mile the vistas will change bringing to life in one's imagination what life was like during those wild and crazy days of old. 

Come ride with these wonderlust group.  Just click on a date below to follow:       

June 23 - 25, 2023:  Rapid City, SD

June 26: Badland National Park

June 27: Black Hills National Park to Deadwood

June 28: George S. Mickelson Trail to Hill City SD

June 29: Mickelson Trail and Crazy Horse carving and on to Custer State Park

June 30: Needles Highway to the Wildlife Loop

July 1: Return to Rapid City