September 19:  Freeport Rest Day!

A morning of sleeping in late, leisurely breakfast and a slow and meticulous cleaning of the bikes changed the pace of the last three days.  Each one of us needed the day to rest the legs.  However, Freeport is the home of LLBean and about thirty outlets stores, such as Coach, Burberry, North Face, Horny Toad, Patagonia, --- the list goes on including Ben and Jerry's!!!!

No rest for the wicked!!!  Need to see if there is anything that we just need to have and didn't know it until we saw it.  Forget that idea of resting the legs -- it is up and down the avenue in and out of the stores to find that best bargain.  This is the end of the summer sales to boot!!!!

UPS loves us.  Can't carry much on a bike, but we can ship home anything we don't want. 

Tonight it is out to dinner early and then off to bed.  Tomorrow promises a long ride and possible rain.